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World Peace Project
from this world, for this world, with this world

“We are invited to live on this earth
only for limited time.
In the end we cannot take anything with us,
but we can leave something positive behind”

„Frizzey Light“

a worldproject to unite the people of this earth
a open minds symphony for all sense

Fire - Water - Earth - Air

A time travel into the fifth dimension.
How can we live together on this planet
and in harmony.

A realistic fairytale
with the longest shooting time.
Traveling the world since 1997
with many adventures.

A sensual once
in a lifetime story
from which I got so much
unbelievable material
to create this piece of art.

A multimedia experience,
living together with the whole world
for 115 minutes
combined with my home
to be amazed,

dream, think, dance, feel, hear,
see smell and many more.

„Find this light and share it with the world“

Frizzey Greif
visual and acoustic ambassador

"See what I hear and hear what I see."

This experience has developed my life.
Impressive experiences,
tests and fate have formed me
and knew how to convert these
experiences visually and acoustically.

Art for human, culture, economy

After I drew the economy’s attention,
I had many projects,
I was producing and I gave concerts.
So I was able to build my own professional
film and music studio.

Composing over 4000 songs
include musicals
as well as filmmusic.
Many awards and one of them
“Ambassador of worldpeace”
for the project “African Lights”.

With the special Open Air cinema event
in dolby digital ,
a new dimension was created.

The life on this planet,
our senses, the cosmos,
the climate, nature, the people
and their cultures,
the elements and vibrations.

There was always a new melody
or a vision that kept Frizzey going
and let him create this breathtaking
world project on a level
where no limits seem to exist.

A level opening the mind
and where in the end
there is nothing left but love.

This “world project” unites vibes
and sounds between people
and visual impressions.

Composing to the sequences
of different cultures
creating a new music
combined with impressive video recording.

“Only as long as we reach out to each other
and accept each other we can contribute
to the harmony on this planet”

"Use the talent that was given to you
to make other people happy."


Cost - the movie - the message

€ 500,000 were financed mainly of own resources.

The completion of the film in Dolby Digital 5.1

Directed, written, concept, sound & film selecting

animation, bluebox, light, composition film music, effects,
special programs, film editing, color correction,
post processing, additional productions, sound mixing,
musicians, artists, technicians, speaker, personnel, staff,
rent Film & Music Studio. Equipment, . .
18 month production

The cost of advertising is separately.

cinema & open air events worldwide

book, film & music by - Frizzey Greif - all rights reserved

Hauptfilm - Main Movie - Sponsoring

it´s not only a movie, it´s a message, it´s a lifestyle