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Sponsor Trailer

Your dreams and ideas
are similar to mine.
We will be in touch,
this is not a threat
in abrazo fiesta
Dietmar Schönherr - Ibizza - Nigeria

Dear Frizzey
I hope I was able to help you with your project.
One must simply support this much energy.
Benni Raich - Ski Worldcup Champion

You are an important part of this world for many people.
I really could feel the vibration. I am admiring your work.

Dr. Walter Schieferer - Tiroler Versicherung

A special treat – mysterious atmosphere and remarkable
compositions. An invitation for Tyrol to support this artist.
Dr. Erwin Koler - Cultureminister

We will try everything to
support your project !
since 2003 waiting
Dr. Benita Ferrero Waldner

I loved your film trailer and could totally relate
great work, thanks for spreading your light
far and wide around the world
Richard Lukens
admin of Carlos Santana AOAND California

"I especially value your international character.
You are looking beyond and that is important for
our land for develop culturally and spiritually.
”Günther Platter – Governor of Tyrol

“to live is to work to realise your vision.
you are in the right avenue
and your success will be great !“
Kacie Anyanwu - Crown Prince of Nigeria

Frizzey Light
is a world peace project we like to support
Mag. Werner Senn
Leader of Austria Air Police

„a great message
a great ambassador“
Joe Zawinul
Jazzlegende – New York / Vienna

we are one

The powers of nature are with you
for the good of all.
Alois Lang - New York / Tokyo

My dear Frizzey
there should be more people
like you on this planet
Markus Gassler - Krone - Newspaper Chiefreporter

All the best with your great work
Felix Mitterer

A perfect experience.
Graf Johannes Trapp
Churburg - Südtirol

You are a treasure in the mountains of Tyrol.
You question structure and thinking
without arrogance but with intelligence,
humour and humanity.
Keep astonishing the world like you
did with us today.
Mag. Melanie Tischlinger- Vienna

Congratiolations for your work and talent !
Good luck with this big project.
Wolfgang Rauscher - Vienna / Jazzzeit Magazin

Combining continents, people and colours
with sounds, vibrations and love
Jörg Draeger TV - Germany

I am touched
with all my love.
Simone Klebel
The Voice - Israel

We have never seen something like this before.
We were delighted.
Kim - Swarovski, Tyrol &
Soonae Fink - Embassador Southkorea

„Frizzey, the bigest culture-creator of the alps“
Martin Reiter
Autor & Marketingchief Tiroler Versicherung

We need visionaries.
Fritz Dinkhauser

Great work with heart and art
Johannes Köck – Cine Tirol

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