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after 8 month the first nepal - help on site for the forgotten after the earthquake, april 2015

Frizzey Greif: "A special feling appeared to take personal contact, "once taking a walk in moccasins of others“ Giving meaningful that desperately need help to survive, looking at happy faces which felt grateful and happy creates a constantly awareness of where I am blessed to live."

CHRISTMAS WITH A DIFFERENCE - it was the best gift, by the support of cosmopolitan Tyroleans and Friends from around the world; we even spent our personal Christmas budget to this project.

The beginning in Nepal resembled a human total failure by OMAN AIR.
Power and greed has cost many additional projects. By the poor behaviour of OMAN AIR, this aid project, after six months construction work of social media, contacts, media, events, concerts, auctions, donations .etc... to raise the needed money, almost collapsed.
Exhausted after a 24 hour trip we finally landed at the International Airport Kathmandu. After arrival and 4 hours waiting the first information given by OMAN AIR was the missing of all luggage from each passenger! Our own luggage of more then 90Kg, filled with medical equipment, photo equipment and all other relief supplies lost?

OMAN AIR has stalled us several days in Kathmandu with empty promises, eternal phone calls, taxi rides to the the airport, valuable time and money, until we found out...only because of profit lost of rising fuel price all the passenger luggage were left lying in Muscat for creating space to take canisters of kerosene, so OMAN AIR does not have to refuel the expensive fuel for the return flight Kathmandu to Muscat. Family members of nepalese labourer in Oman also waited desperately several days at the airport and were treated inhumane. We were forced to buy the most necessary, because only hand luggage was present.

The elaborate expedition had to be postponed to uncertain time and the planned production „Music for World Peace“ , just like we did in Calcutta, Bangkok, Cuba, etc., with the best musicians from Nepal could not take place. This phonograms should be on the market by Christmas 2015 to support 100% our humanitarian project.

After further back and forth, as well as bureaucratic madness, after 6 days the irreplaceable luggage emerged. One suitcase was cracked, critical equipment and clothing were missing or had been destroyed.

Caused by OMAN AIR, Christine and myself were forced from Phaplu via Lukla (2.800mtr), the most dangerous and highest airport in the world, together with an Australian journalist in a propeller plane, sitting between spinach, bananas and bags to fly to Kathmandu to meet fixed deadlines. Among other things, the remaining drugs to distribute, as well as a meeting with Dir. Ingeborg Patsch, Honorary Consulting of Austria in the Learning Center VHS Bhaktapur, for the Frizzey Light presentation. Another invitation followed after this event from enthusiastic Dr. Endul KC, Culture President in Bhaktapur, with an unforgettable WELCOME - festival.

Created by OMAN AIR we have to face irreparable damage. Until today, there have been, despite all evidence that had to be collected intricately, no excuse or reaction from their side.
During our „stucked dead time", while waiting daily for our bags of OMAN AIR, we acted decisively to support severely affected earthquake victims between Kathmandu and

FRIZZEY LIGHT - non profit organization,
was the first aid organization, since the great earthquake April 2015, looking after the forgotten villages in the Himalayas to help locally. Together with 18 Sherpas, local helpers and 2 nurses, 200 km in 2 days crisscrossing from morning till night, forever by tracking through rough terrain to remote villages at Sindupalchowk, Dolakha. A hell of a ride in a fully charged Jeep and special trucks with loaded supplies until there was no more driving ability.

10 days more than 80km, 10 hours a day only on foot from Jiri, the starting village to Mt. Everest, some with headlamps on steepest unreasonable rocky paths to Phaplu, 2 passes up to 3600m altitude (Lamjura pass) to the left in the lurch villages and families at the end of the world. Suddenly you stare into helpless children eyes, barefoot on a 3200m altitude.

You put a handmade wool cap over the small kids head and try by singing her heartfelt sweet "Namaste" with "Handmade for you in Kathmandu" to loosen up the dramatic state. Meanwhile with deepest compassion tears roll over your cheeks. For many, an anorak/jacket is like a roof over their heads.

In addition to aid individual families, we put up our camp several times a day for providing the drugs, the necessary relief supplies and to distribute school materials. Everywhere great enthusiasm among others with their new reading glasses. A huge improve for their reading and better eye sight. Children for the first time were holding a toy in their hands.

Open wounds that have borderline inflamed since the earthquake, were professionally treated on site by nurses, Yangdu Sherpa Lama and Ang Chhoti Sherpa aa well as supplied with appropriate medication.
Encounters with babies who where born during the earthquake - salvaged alive from the rubble.

Left alone from the government, the injured people with their extreme position, never had access or opportunity to medical supply.

Politicians came after the quake April 2015 by helicopter, promised help and went, forever!
Many, many earthquake victims are still waiting in vain for the promised help from the government. During our eternal marches many of the local surrounding villagers of all ages were following us. Our guide had to intervene to explain that we do not belong to any organizations such as NGOs
but regardless, without charge, voluntarily tracking to the poorest of the poor - the helpless with the vision to help them for a decently life in THEIR COUNTRY, get health support & education, where politics total fail and the country with their people suffers.

India has stopped, for political reasons, the gas and fuel exports to Nepal and at the black market the fuel price goes up to € 5.- p.Liter. Motorcycles, cars and trucks lining up for days before they get any petrol. The civil war sentiment is already being felt and the first riots took already place. The dirty game of politicians today is far away from reality, at the expense of the Nepalese people.

Accommodation in tents between goats and cliffs or totally destroyed houses where inevitably our „office" was set up, again and again with hope of whether there is any current. The charging of the batteries and dub of photo & film material was prepared by the eternal power outage to a gambling late into the night. The Headlamp and „wet tissue" were the major constituents. For days no connection to the outside world.

When I put on my anorak in a shelter, in order not to freeze to death in the sleeping bag, my thoughts were with the people as how they, under these conditions, are able to live and survive without anything.

For our morning toilet served a single water hose for all, brushing our teeth together with locals, toilets all outdoors. Stuffy smoke kitchens with open fires, warm for a certain period and cats close next to the burning logs. Most children barefoot.

It is inconceivable, if not witnessed by one self, firsthand the conditions under which this hill tribe lives; such as women, children, frail people are challenged to walk alone from A to B in this circumstances and always full body culture in icy torrents.

Each distribution in the villages was a ceremony with touching acceptance speeches, hugs, Khata Cups, like finally their suffering was heard. Again and again, the hopeless, desperate prosecution of ordinary people to the village authorities, as they were left helpless by the government and their officials, including destroyed schools and homes where it mostly looked like after a bombing.

A school principal still lives with his family amid the rubble of the earthquake, they sincerely invited us for tea and had a lot to tell, very much. His dream, a new central school. Children go currently, if at all, up to 4 hours over perilous lands in rickety shacks to hear some teaching. Unfortunately, our supplies were everywhere restricted and only the bare essentials really could distribute to severely affected.

In many dialogues with the earthquake victims, Since I was confronted with the witnessed suffering, many times I was no longer capable to finish the spoken sentences without heavy emotion. Very much value was the direct communication after each gift, each aid package was handed over personally. About 100 Khata (Thanks - bowls) will decorate the terrace in Prutz at summer time, which we received from so many Nepalese people. Striking grateful, honest, genuine people. Everyone helps everyone.

SHERPAS, Frizzey Light Team in Nepal
In addition to the nurses my greatest respect goes to our Sherpas, more then 10 hours mostly uphill, impassable roads, to the forgotten villages, carrying these heavy supplies partially supported in flip-flops and with joy, helped with the distribution of the donations. Through the help of these Sherpas we saved a lot of money for being more relief items instead of paying a helicopter.
The helpful and always cheerful Sherpa Naran has accompanied us at every turn, supplied us with drinking water and if time permitted, learned German.

It is sad and shameful that so called "certain hobby climbers" call and name these sherpas as low grade pack animals and treat them like this. Just an example... a 17 year-old lost his father during the earthquake and now as a Sherpa he has to feed his 7-member family. In no time we were all friends.

Feedback from Frizzey Greif about our Nepal - Guide Tshering Lama Sherpa:
professional, reliable, honest, a true friend.
Our excellent guide and Nepal insider Tshering Lama Sherpa, who is running already many projects to help, has carried out earthquake victims, set our route. Which villages did not receive help until now and are the most difficult to achieve? What help is urgently needed, where to get the supplies in Kathmandu for reasonable price and quality? He speaks German, Nepali, English and a big help for shopping and encounters of all kinds. Tshering studied in Innsbruck at Villa Blanca and now leads his own trekking company in Nepal: Lama Trips P.Ltd.

Tshering is a great enrichment to the non-profit organization Frizzey LIGHT.
This type of organization he had never seen and is enthusiastic about the philosophy of this union. He offered himself for gratuitous disposal and spontaneously entered as a new FRIZZEY Light member.

He repeatedly emphasized his gratitude to the Austrian people for so many support to the Frizzey Light organization. Also to witness personally how innocent victims is helped and specially documented.
Tshering: Many donations come from political reasons, by superficiality but do not reach where they are urgently needed. Even temples where built from donations, instead of helping the affected villages. „Better having helping hands than lips to pray." (Tshering)

His father, Anga Kami Sherpa, uncle of the famous climbers David Lama, has done the Mt. Everest summit 3 times. He supervised us every day with full of passion around the clock and was cooking often in the most unlikely places the wonderful Sherpa food.

Through generous donors, FRIZZEY Light members, sponsors supported by cosmopolitan friends and in cooperation with the media we where able to buy essential items in Kathmandu. Beside this aid project we created jobs at small and medium enterprises and helped to build up a simple infrastructure in this destroyed country.

Large orders for a local factories of quality winter jackets, crafted hats, camping mats & sleeping bags; high-quality tools, building materials, corrugated roofs and tarpaulins. About 65 families were able to build their own house again. Entire school supplies for 5 schools. Several boxes of selected drugs, jobs for Sherpas & Nurses...etc.

3 suitcases full of donations from Tirol: medicines donated by Dr. Philipp Plangger - Prutz, toys, clothes, reading glasses, shoes, hand-knitted from Tyrol, sphygmomanometers, etc. We helped hundreds of local families with these goods.

Tshering presented a folder along with all bills and expenses for our accounting, which is done volunteer by professional tax consultant Sylvia Ortner and accountant Nicole Dilitz-Gritsch as club members. Flights and stays Frizzey & Christine were funded from own resources.

Sensational footage: "What the world has to tell us"
Almost every moment was documented with cameras, photographed to witness, empathize what as how people below the poverty line are managing their lifes.
Life-threatening paths few cm wide, steeply uphill, downhill, up to 300m falling rocks, soaked T- Shirts gasping in freezing temperatures, air, where wearing the cameras became unbearable. The nurses calmed and admired us with the words: „we will never reach your age."
An extraordinary documentary will be provided because the full extent and the dramaturgy of this Aid project is difficult to describe with words.

ONCE TAKING A WALK IN MOCCASINS OF OTHERS to feel almost like his world is like. Again a great addition with Christine, personally witnessed this challenging to the limits of humanitarian project and get a confirmation on the spot - what really has to tell us this world.

Made possible by the generous support of like-minded people. While distributing thoughts appear about the wonderful donors who have helped that the forgotten people of Nepal do not freeze in winter, have a roof over their head and a tool for education, and were treated medically. We all could be stucked in "their skin and country“

The Frizzey Light non profit organization have given confidence after one year, already more than 60 members. With 200 members, supporters and generous sponsors (tax deductible) we could do much more ... to improve the lives of INNOCENT people in their country. = (Human Rights)

VISION 2016 dreams to realize: Frizzey LIGHT SCHOOL 2016
Club member and Nepal insider Tshering Lama Sherpa already discussed everything with the responsible persons in Nepal. There is nothing in the way to build a new earthquake resistant school which was devastated by the quake April 2015. Forgotten from their own government. Children need to walk life scaring paths up to 4hrs to reach a shaky ramshackle hut to get some teachings.

With YOUR help this school in Sindhupalchowk/Nepal - will be constructed again. We are on site. Blocks for the school are on sale: Donations areTax deductible.

If you are able to experience the world on the spot, one realizes that we live in Tirol in PARADISE, fresh water, clean air, enough to live on. It's a gift to have the awareness to help the innocent for their live in their land with dignity and get an "healthy" education ...this is the greatest weapon against terrorism and poor politics.

"As long as humanity mourns only when something terrible happens and then forgets without acting, nothing will ever change." (FRIZZEY GREIF - Founder of Frizzey Light 1997)

more than 100 PHOTOS from the HUMAN PROJECTS in NEPAL


Nach monatelangen Vorbereitungen für dieses Hilfsprojekt wurden in den Medien, bei Veranstaltungen, Versteigerungen, im Internet, bei verschiedenen Präsentationen und Einladungen besonders beim Nepal Event in Ladis auf die dramatische Lage dieser Bergdörfer in Nepal hingewiesen, die bis heute andauert.

Nepal Event Ladis
Nepal Event Ladis
Nepal Event Ladis

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